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we welcome new players and team managers to register with us and become their sole agency
Soccer Player :
Each player interest to become our player and we promote him for new clubs, he must save the following :
1- Valid passports
2- Professional CV
3- Professional video
4- Transfer Market link
5- Release letter from the last club if free
6- Player still under contract with the club, he must send us a copy of his current contract and federation ID

#PlayerClubPositionGoalsAssistsHeightWeightAppearancesWin RatioDraw RatioOFFCKGPG
1samBrian KingsterCloversMidfielder105'2''186 lbs580.0020.00000.20
2korChristian NetteronSharksDefender005'5''180 lbs366.6733.33000.00
3perChristofer GrassSharksMidfielder005'6''176 lbs366.6733.33000.00
4ctaDavid HawkinsCloversStriker006'3''202 lbs366.6733.33000.00
5bfaFranklin StevensBloody WaveGoalkeeper005'9''196 lbs366.6733.33000.00
6itaGriffin PetersonAlchemistsMidfielder856'66''184 lbs366.6733.33002.67
7usaJames MessinalCloversStriker625'8''176 lbs580.0020.00061.20
8turMark IronsonCloversDefender016'1''189 lbs580.0020.00000.00
9sweNick RodgersCloversGoalkeeper126'6''205 lbs580.0020.00000.20
10slvSpike ArrowheadAlchemistsMidfielder005'5''180 lbs366.6733.33000.00
11solTaylor RednerSharksGoalkeeper1205'6''176 lbs366.6733.33004.00
12isrThomas BlackAlchemistsDefender005'88''194 lbs366.6733.33000.00