Soccer Match Balls Size 5

Sizes: 68 – 70 CM ( Size 5 )
Panel: 32 Panel
Material: 100 % PU
Layers: 4 Outer
Color: White, Blue, and Red Customize
Latex Bladder: SR Bladder  To Control the weight and bounce
Stitching: Hand Stitched
weight: 410 GM
High-quality – Soft-touch – Wear resistance – Super air tightness
Who can use
Size 5 ball (official size) suggested for ages 12+
Check with your local league for size requirements.
Made in: Pakistan
Delivery time: depend on destination and order quantity
كره قدم صناعه بكستاني مصنعه من خام البي يو صناع ياباني و 4 طبقات من الجلد