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Noor Sports Agency has an agreement with a good variety of talented soccer players and team managers around the world  and we are responsible for their coming agreements with any clubs and officially represented them in any coming agreement



also, we welcome new players and team managers to register with us and become their sole agency

Soccer Player :
Each player interest to become our player and we promote him for new clubs, he must save the following :
1- Valid passports
2- Professional CV
3- Professional video
4- Transfer Market link
5- Release letter from the last club if free
6- Player still under contract with the club, he must send us a copy of his current contract and federation ID


The club, player and agent will be in compliance with the FA’s Regulations on Working with Intermediaries as long as:

1-the Agent has a pre-existing representation contract with the player lodged with The FA,
2-Both the club and the player are aware of the conflict of interest
3-Both the club and the player are aware of the full particulars of the proposed dual representation
4-both the club and the player are given the opportunity to seek independent legal advice
5-both the club and the player consent to dual representation in writing
6-the relevant paperwork is submitted to The FA.

How do clubs calculate transfer fees?

There is no exact science as to how clubs decide how much to buy and sell players for, as it ultimately depends on market forces. However, some criteria that a buying club might consider when making an offer are:

  • The age of the player – Best between 23 to 30 Years
  • The time remaining on the player’s contract – the closer the player is to his final contract year, at which state he will be a ‘free agent’, the lower the transfer fee.
  • Playing position – a striker will normally command a higher fee than a defender
  • International Players are getting more than Local Players
  • Player Commercial value – Player who bring to the club’s commercial revenue