Sports camps in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina is located on the Balkan Peninsula bordered on the north, west, and south by Croatia, on the east by Serbia, on the southeast by Montenegro, and on the southwest by the Adriatic Sea along a narrow extension of the country. its beautiful mountains, numerous medieval castle ruins, raftable rivers, impressive waterfalls and bargain-value skiing. also has a lot of sports camps centers located in all country areas that highly equipped to serve all indoor and outdoor sports, Training field and halls , hotels and finally available variety of friendly games with all category of teams and players
تعتبر البوسنه و الهرسك من الدول ذات الطبيعه الخلابه الجميله جدا و المميزه بالمناخ اللطيف صيفا و تعتبر افضل بلاد  اوربا مناخا خلال فصل الشتاء نظرا لقربها من البحر المتوسط و تتمتع ايضا بتوافر العديد من اماكن المعسكرات الرياضيه المتكامله و الي تضم الفنادق و ملاعب التدريب و استادات المباريات و صالات و ايضا و تتماشي مع اشهر و افضل مراكز المعسكرات الرياضيه في العالم و ايضا عنصر اخر هام جدا توافر عنصر الأحتكاك القوي في جميع الألعاب حيث تشتهر البوسنه بقوه منتخباتها و فرقها في جميع الألعاب الرياضيه و التي تكتسب شهره واسعه في اوربا و العالم
Bosnia and Herzegovina has a continental climate with warm summers and cold snowy winters. And that looks more like the climate of continental Europe than the Mediterranean climate of nearby countries like Italy or Greece. Only the southwest of the country has a Mediterranean climate,. This warm maritime climate occurs where Bosnia and Herzegovina borders the Adriatic Sea.
the Differences between Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian — Bosnian is one of three such varieties considered official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina, along with Croatian and Serbian. It is also an officially recognized minority language in Serbia, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Kosovo. Bosnian uses both the Latin and Cyrillic alphabets, with Latin in everyday use.
Sports camp services
Hotel Accommodation on Full board basis ( sport package )
Transfers Airport-Hotel-Airport and Hotel-Training Ground and Clubs
Modern Bus from Arrival up to Departure – at the Clubs service
Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Daily Basis
Full Usage of hotels fitness accessories ( Swimming pool, Sauna, Jacuzzi )
Internet service free of charge inside hotel and in the rooms
Washing service for sport wardrobe on daily basis
Official and legally-authorized Football grounds
Training sessions on daily basis as mentioned in the program above
Friendly matches during the stay depend on team schedule
Sport Doctor at all training sessions and friendly matches
Licensed Referee at all friendly matches
Classic and Recreational City Tour for acquaintance with Sarajevo City
Free of charge Suite for the Head Coach or The Club President
Full Usage of one room as Club Ambulance during the whole stay
Storage room for the whole stay
Modern private car for Head Coach or President during the whole stay
Drinks/Juices with the meals
Open buffet during the lunch and dinner with meat, chicken and fish,
with the possibility of providing different dishes
Coffee and tea during the presence in the conference room
Photo and Video coverage of all friendly matches will be delivered to The Club President or Head Coach
Mineral water and ice during the training sessions and matches
Bosnia Visa
Holders of valid multiple entry USA visa, multiple entry Schengen visa, multiple entry EU visa, holders of residence permit issued by the signatory countries of the Schengen Agreement or EU member states does not need visa. Maximum duration of stay i up to 30 days within the validity of the visa
Visitors to Bosnia and Herzegovina must obtain a visa from one of the Bosnia and Herzegovina embassies around the world unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries and As an applicant country for membership in the European Union, Bosnia and Herzegovina maintains visa policy similar to the visa policy of the Schengen Area. Bosnia and Herzegovina grants visa-free entry to all Schengen Annex II nationalities and it also grants visa-free entry to several additional countries – Azerbaijan, Bahrain, China, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Russia and Turkey.